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Samuel Birocchi

Status da API de renovar token


Boa noite, alguém mais tendo problemas com a API de renovar tokens? To recebendo vários erros desse tipo:

{"message":"Error creating access token for user x, application x and scopes [feedback_write, items_write_bid, items_write_opinion, mp_balance, mp_listings, mp_odr, mp_pay, mp_pay_to_ml, mp_refund, mp_request_money, mp_tools, offline_access, questions_write, read_basic] status: 500, data: [message:Timeout waiting for a pooled item after 200 MILLISECONDS, error:internal_error, status:500, cause:[]]","error":null,"status":500,"cause":[]}

E outros assim:

{"message":"Error creating the refresh_token","error":null,"status":500,"cause":[]}


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