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MercadoReglas (MercadoRules) - Open Platform

A user of Mercado Libre is good, but a user of Open Platform | Mercado Libre in the Forum is even better.  We love to hear from you and to have you involved with your posts.

We will be addressing our community of developers through this channel, tell them all the news about our “Open Platform”, and invite them to events and to have fun.

In case of doubts, questions or complaints about purchases or sales, please contact your country's help desk or write us via Twitter (https://twitter.com/ML_Ayuda).  We will NOT be addressing this type of cases through this means.

Please understand that comments posted on this web page do not represent Mercado Libre, its partners, officials or employees’ opinions.  Mercado Libre does not check the truthfulness or accuracy of these opinions, and it does not hold responsibility for the comments made by users.

To become a real community, we need to set some rules and; therefore, we expect you not to post content that:

-           may be abusive, insulting or obscene.
-           may include racist expressions or comments implying any kind of discrimination.
-           is against morale and good manners.
-           is a duplicate message.
-           includes any type of advertising or business message.
-           includes actual addresses or private data of any individual or entity.
-           infringes any effective law or regulation.

While we respect our users’ different thoughts and opinions, we reserve the right to remove and/or edit the above mentioned content, if any.

Thanks for taking 5 minutes of your time to read our MercadoReglas!

Open Platform | Mercado Libre team.


  1. Authentication and Authorization

    Authentication is the password that will help you work with our API. Find answers to any doubt about the oAuth protocol, Access Token, Refresh Token.

  2. Question & Answer Management

    The Questions & Answers resource helps you manage all the communications between buyer and seller before making a purchase.

  3. Product Management

    The Items resource helps control listings on Mercado Libre. Here you can find answers to any doubt about stock updates, prices, categorization, variations, etc.

  4. Sales Management

    The Orders, Payments and Collections resources help view and control the sales of a seller. Here you will find answers to any doubt about sales, payments and shopping carts.

  5. Shipment Management

    The Shipment resource helps view and control all the shipment details of a sale. Here you will find answers to any doubt about freight calculation, free shipment, etc.

  6. User Management

    The Users resource helps view and manage a Mercado Libre account. Here you will find answers to any doubt about users, account block, etc.

  7. Notification control

    Some events occur on MercadoLibre's side and notifications are the only way to become aware of them. Receiving notifications enables you to have a real-time feed of the changes that occur on the different resources of our API.

  8. Post Sale Message Management

    The Messaging resource will be useful to get messages from any particular sale, to create new messages in the system, as well as to send or receive attachments.