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  1. Thanks for the reply fsolari, but it seems I still need an access token when I want to see questions by item. Like in this case:
  2. Hola, Estoy tratando de obtener las preguntas de un item, pero al querer ejecutar este código me sale el siguiente error: Hi, I'm trying to get all the questions from an specific item, but when I try to execute this piece of code I get the following error message: <?php $params = array('access_token' => $_SESSION['access_token']); $result = $meli->get('/questions/search?item=ITEMID', $params); echo '<pre>'; print_r($result); echo '</pre>'; ?> Array ( [body] => stdClass Object ( [message] => You can't access this resource without access token [error] => unauthorized [status] => 401 [cause] => Array ( ) ) [httpCode] => 401 ) Estoy logueado en la API (usando el método auth), ya que también puedo hacer preguntas sin problemas, asi que no creo que el problema sea el token. Qué estoy haciendo mal?. Gracias. I'm already logged in (using the auth method), so I don't think that the token should be the problem. What am I doing wrong?. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to ask a question in a specific article using the PHP-SDK class. I'm already logged in ML and I have my access_token, but I get a 505 error. Here is the piece of code where I'm stucked at: $params = array( 'text' => 'this is a test', 'item_id' => 'MLAMYID' ); $url = ''.$_SESSION['access_token']; echo var_dump($meli->post($url, null, $params)); Any suggestions? is there something I'm doing wrong? maybe my curl configuration? Regards.