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  1. Buenas, Creo que estas buscando lo siguiente: http://developers.mercadolibre.com/feedback/ Saludos
  2. Hi! I tried again. The fake credit cards listed in https://www.mercadopago.com.ar/developers/en/related/basic-sandbox/ but the following fake credit cards worked for me: https://www.mercadopago.com.ar/developers/en/related/test-local-cards/ Regards!
  3. Hi! Exists any fake number to use with a test user? I tried the fakes account numbers of mercadopago in mercadolibre, but doesn't work. Regards!
  4. Hi! Wich is the parameter to enable buying mode "cash and transfer account" ? Regards!
  5. I discovered how to do it. Under account information, fill the field related to address, and thats it! Regards!
  6. Hi! I'm using a test user, but the available methods are always "custom" and not "especified". Exists some kind of restriction for a test user? How can I do to use Me1 and Me2? Regards!
  7. Yes , the system Have Problems , after a couple of hours the purchases appeared.
  8. Hello! I'm Using two test users, one like a buyer and another one like a seller. Currently when I buy a test product, in the dashboard the order lists is empty. I remember that a couple months ago, when I bought items with the test user, I saw the orders. There is any problem with tests users in the "buy" behaviour.? Regards
  9. Hello, I'm trying to update an item with variations, but I always get the error: Item: MLA590640574 . price is not modifiable. Following the documentation http://developers.mercadolibre.com/modify-listing/ I should be able to change the price. This is the information that I'm sending to /item/item_id Array ( [pictures] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [source] => http://magento191.loc/media/catalog/product/4/1/4100_0.png ) ) [price] => 234 [title] => Pantalon [condition] => new [buying_mode] => buy_it_now [warranty] => Cambios gratis por 30 días ) Regards
  10. Yes you can. http://developers.mercadolibre.com/list-your-item/ Regards
  11. Buenas, Si, tenes disponible para esos casos el parametro "seller_custom_field" Saludos
  12. Buenas, Yo tuve un problema parecido, es mas creo que aún esta. Lo que hice fue un artilugio interno, guardando la info de la notificación en una db, y luego analizando esas notificaciones por un cron job. Saludos.
  13. That links says that a tracking code should be send with the service_id, but in the endpoint https://api.mercadolibre.com/sites/MLA/shipping_serviceswich corresponds to the custom service? In the other hand, which of the followings two is correct? http://developers.mercadolibre.com/shipping-overview/ http://developers.mercadolibre.com/listing-with-me1/ And also in the thread http://developers-forum.mercadolibre.com/index.php?/topic/121-incluir-rastreio-tracking-number-em-order/?hl=tracking Which all of this things/documentation is the correct one?
  14. Buenas, Es posible enviar/setear un custom tracking code en un tipo de envio custom? ---------------- It's possible to set a custom tracking code in a custom shipping method? regards!