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  1. Hello!


    I'm Using two test users, one like a buyer and another one like a seller. Currently when I buy a test product, in the dashboard the order lists is empty. I remember that a couple months ago, when I bought items with the test user, I saw the orders.

    There is any problem with tests users in the "buy" behaviour.?






  2. Hello,


    I'm trying to update an item with variations, but I always get the error: Item: MLA590640574 . price is not modifiable.


    Following the documentation http://developers.mercadolibre.com/modify-listing/ I should be able to change the price.


    This is the information that I'm sending to /item/item_id


        [pictures] => Array
                [0] => Array
                        [source] => http://magento191.loc/media/catalog/product/4/1/4100_0.png
        [price] => 234
        [title] => Pantalon
        [condition] => new
        [buying_mode] => buy_it_now
        [warranty] => Cambios gratis por 30 días

  3. That links says that a tracking code should be send with the service_id, but in the endpoint https://api.mercadolibre.com/sites/MLA/shipping_serviceswich corresponds to the custom service?


    In the other hand, which of the followings two is correct?










    And also in the thread http://developers-forum.mercadolibre.com/index.php?/topic/121-incluir-rastreio-tracking-number-em-order/?hl=tracking 




    Which all of this things/documentation is the correct one?

  4. Buenas!

    Claro, quiero saber si la funcionalidad de mercadoshops, en la que se asignan automáticamente categorías, también existe en Meli. En Meli cuando se lista un producto, el parametro category_id es requerido, pero en mercadoshops no es requerido, por lo cual las categorías se asignan automáticamente.




    Currently mercadoshops has the functionality to assign categories automatically, in the other hand, the param category_id is required by Meli.

    Exists any other parameter in meli, to set the category automatically?