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  1. I download them (from Amazon WEb Service) using the needle module from NodeJS (it could be downloaded using the HTTP native module of Node, it's the same), and upload them to my VPS and to Mercadolibre API it means it could be any image I receive it with no problem in my server but Meli API tells me invalid format I will attach to this message an image that I used
  2. I'm sending binary data as multipart, I'm showing it in one of the attached files of my message
  3. I'm a facing a problem trying to upload pictures using the API I'm working with NodeJS and using the mercadolibre package for Node ( in order to upload the images, but the server always response with this message { message: 'The file type is not supported: file. Valid file types are [jpg, jpeg, png, gif, webp].', error: 'file.content_type.invalid', status: 400, cause: [] } I'm sure the images are being sent, because I've checked the implementation of the library and it uses the Needle package to make HTTP requests (POST with multipart as true to be more accurate), so I writte a little code (the same that is inside the implementation of upload method in the mercadolibre package for Node) but sending the content to a VPS of mine and I receive the image there with no problem So... what could it be? Any help will be appreciated! Ask anything else that you think I should inform!