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  1. After a few days, the problem disappeared. Now, I'm with this issue again. Is an intermittent problem. Now the HTTP return code is 301, probably they are removing this option. I'm thinking to change the app to call one by one, will increase the traffic but is the only solution.
  2. Every hour, our application query our itens to check if price, sales and stock are sync. Recentrly our app stop to work because the API are returning an empty result set. The resource I'm using is: [GET] /items?ids=:ids I guess you changed this to reduce the server load, but I think this is a mistake, if everyone who does this make one single request for each product, the overload will be higher. Why you removed this? Why nobody was notified?
  3. Hello guys, I'd like to askyou guys why don't use standardized names on json data fields. Frequently I find the same field in multiple resources with different names. For example, today, I was updating our application to reduce the request usage on API resource 'Payments' using the payment information returned within Order details, but some fields use different naming conventions. like: _____Payment x Order________ last_modified -> date_last_modified collector_id ---> --------> payer_id The '.' represents a child object/property And some information are missing, like: date_approved, money_release_date, released This kind of problem isn't only on payments, I had the same problems on other resources. Generally we have to make workarounds to reduce coding, or write the same code twice to do the same thing we could achieve with only one. If you use standardized names and structures, could ease the maintenance for you and mostly for us developers. Thanks
  4. pelo que eu lembro as notificações e perguntas chegam todas com TimeZone da Argentina (-4)
  5. if the test tool are sending the notification correctly, I assume you already configured your application to receive the notifications from ML. I assume as well, you authenticated the seller to use your application. if yes, You must send the notification received from ML to your application or save at DB to your app read it. The callback url is just an endpoint for communication, after notification reaches the callback url, you must save this data to process anytime you want.
  6. fsolari, I'd like to exploit the context and ask one thing about feedback that is very confusing. What's the parameter used to consider the same feedback for two or more orders? Today we have the following problem. The user, sometimes, click twice or more on "Buy" button. We already know when the purchase on the same day, will be send a single feedback for all. Another case is when user do the same action, but the delay between purchases is longer, for example, after 7 days or 15 days. How can I consider the same feedback if the system doesn't supply any parameter to know that? I appreciate your help
  7. I know about parameters needed on OAuth, the problem is: Every time they change the api version, we update our application to match the most recent api version, if they update only one resource, we need to change the code to set version only for that resource. this is annoying and result in Extra Code. If we send the version on all requests it doesn't work, based on problem described before we have more work updating the code and debugging. The API version, should be a subdomain instead of a parameter. ex: instead of: use: or and no extra work will be needed, only the base Url must be updated.
  8. Any host with .Net Framework and ASP.NET will serve your apication. You must create an app to receive the notifications from ML.
  9. fsolari, The URl is the standard url with version=3.0 as parameter. Ex: /oauth/token?grant_type=refresh_token&client_id={client_id}&client_secret={client_secret}&refresh_token={refresh_token}&version=3.0 Response: {"message":"Wrong number of parameters","error":"invalid_request","status":400,"cause":[]} Withour version parameter, the request will pass: /oauth/token?grant_type=refresh_token&client_id={client_id}&client_secret={client_secret}&refresh_token={refresh_token}
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    Bem Vindo ao MercadoLivre =]
  11. I updated my API url to include api version, but the authentication doesn't work if I provide de API version, you should correct it, its annoying.