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  1. Hola, quisiera saber cómo reconocer de qué tipo de envío se trata al consultar el recurso de shipping Me refiero a los mismos valores que están en los filtros de Mercadolibre. sé que "mercado envios flex" es logistic_type="self_service" Mercado Envios Full=? Envios por mi cuenta=? Para la colecta=? Para despachar=? Acuerdo con el comprador=? (esto creo que viene directamente vacio todo, no?) gracias!
  2. Hola, estos días estoy teniendo serios problemas de conectividad con la API Muy habitualmente no responde o tira directamente el error 500 Internal Server Error ¿Alguna idea o noticia? gracias
  3. Yes, indeed. I´m using the same access_token in both calls... and.... as I said... the order id 891985440 is not found in the control panel of the seller. thanks
  4. Hi, thanks for answering my questions. doing this call: https://api.mercadolibre.com/collections/893739117?access_token=EL_ACCESS_TOKEN I get the collection with this values: [..] "order_id": "891985440", "external_reference": "891985440", [..] so doing this other call https://api.mercadolibre.com/orders/891985440/?access_token=EL_ACCESS_TOKEN I should get the details of the order BUT I get the json: { "message": "The user has not access to the order.", "error": "not_owned_order", "status": 403, "cause": null } As I said, I this behavior only in 'money_transfer' as operation_type field Just in case... I searched for the order id 891985440 on the ML sellers panel and there was no results in open and closed orders. Becouse of that I think that might be some internal value of ml/mp thanks!
  5. Hi again! I notice that when a payment´s operation_type us "money_transfer" the external_reference and order_id are something weird... at least to me.... because I can´t access to that order by the id with the same access_token ("The user has not access to the order.") my guess is that the value of external_reference and order_id are some kind of internal data of mercadolibre/pago am I right? thanks
  6. Ah.... I see... so to know that an order was canceled, like the seller see in his panel, this is in "feedback" -> "fulfilled". so not in the "status". And the 'status: canceled' is from the costumer point of view..... so how... Thanks!! there is just a lot of info and knowing where is everything is not easy sometimes.
  7. I understand. But, as I see it, if the system makes the costumer to pay the shipping, then is the system who should say "the shipping was paid". Otherwise I could be changing the status to something incorrect.
  8. Hello. This is the case: When the custumer pay with mercadopago the product and the shipping in the collection of mercado pago the shipping remains as "pending" whitch is described in the api as "not yet paid". here is an example: this is not an isolated case, it happens allways that the custumer pay like in the example. thanks!
  9. here: http://s28.postimg.org/4djxd3ijx/error_ml_cancelada.jpg
  10. I see the status of an order include the posibility "cancelled" described as "The order has not completed by some reason." but looking at ML panel I can see cancelled orders that when asking in the api with: https://api.mercadolibre.com/orders/THE_ID_OF_CANCELLED_ORDER?access_token=BLABLA the status is "confirmed", so... ¿how yo know? thanks