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  1. Fala Ronaldo! O "problema da lentidão", são os GET adicionais que você faz. Vi que você está fazendo alguns GETs além do necessário, fiz a mesma funcionalidade que você, utilizando GET apenas para a descrição e para a categoria $search = $meli->get('/sites/MLB/search?status=active&seller_id=33457480&limit=200'); foreach ($search['body']->results as $searchItem): //Pega a Descrição do produto $descri = $meli->get("/items/" . $searchItem->id . "/descriptions"); //Pega Nome da Categoria e Subcategoria pelo ID $catddd = $meli->get("/categories/" . $searchItem->category_id); echo "<li>Titulo: " . $searchItem->title . "</li>"; echo "<li>Categoria: " . $catddd['body']->path_from_root[0]->name . "</li>"; echo "<li>Descrição: " . $descri['body'][0]->text . "</li>"; endforeach;
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    Baby Size

    We’re happy to announce we’ll be launching a new variation on some of our fashion categories of Brazil. From June 2 you’ll be able to choose baby sizes and add them on your items. Baby Sizes Size Reference UN UN 0-1 M RN 2-3 M PP 3-6 M P 6-9 M M 9-12 M G 12-18 M G 8-24 M XG The Json to list an item it’s the same you already use for items with variations. Example "id": "30000","name": "Tamanho","type": "size","value_type": "list","tags": - {"allow_variations": true,"required": true,},"values": - [- {"id": "30002","name": "0-1 M",},- {"id": "30003","name": "2-3 M",},] Updated Categories *Bebês *Babadores *Blusas *Bodys *Calças *Camisas *Camisetas *Casaquinhos *Conjuntos *Jaquetas *Macacões *Moletons *Pijamas *Roupa de Banho *Bermudas e Shorts *Saias *Vestidos NOTE: Items already listed under these categories will not undergo any changes, they’ll remain the same until they expire. If you want to relist these items, you’ll need to update the Json including baby sizes. You can check this resource to see wich attributes are allowed and wich ones are required on each category for size, color and season: https://api.mercadolibre.com/categories/{category_id}/attributes For example, these are the attributes that are available on the category MLB7029. We keep working on improving your experience in our site. Create your app and start selling.