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  1. Hi, Could any one please clarify about this ? In the API documentation following are mentioned as possible states of a question: "BANNED", //Question had some objectionable or offending content "CLOSED_UNANSWERED", //question was closed without providing any answer "DELETED", // question was deleted by either buyer or merchant "DISABLED", // when does this happen? "UNDER_REVIEW", //Soon after the question is posted, it probably goes through a review after which it's fate is decided ? Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, Need one more clarification, do we get any notification if a question gets removed because of content moderation (i.e., buyer asked a question that sounds offensive and Mercadolibre admin removes it) ? The document doesn't mention anything about it. Thanks
  3. Thanks fsolari! I went through the post. So there wont a notification when a question becomes available for answering after item relisting. May be the item notification should be used in this case to know if a question is answerable or not. Thanks again for the help
  4. Hi all, Need help with a doubt. Does a merchant get question notification in below situation: Step1: A visitor to the listing page posts a question Step2: Merchant gets notified about the question Step3: Item gets expired/sold out At this point if merchant tries to answer the question, it will not be allowed. Step4: Item gets relisted At this point merchant can answer the question, but will merchant get a question notification ? Adding one point : When and all can we expect notifications from for Questions ? What I am expecting is: Question added - yes Question removed - yes Question answered - yes Thanks, akng
  5. Hi All, Wondering if MeLi sends any notification when a buyer/seller replies to the Feedback on an order ? If anyone knows please share the information. MeLi developer documentation mentions only following cases: The buyer rates you as a seller or you send feedback to the buyer. A feed is received on the order. Thanks for the help!, akng
  6. Hi fsolari, Thanks for the answer Would like to mention few observations made here, felt they might be bugs, (I was logged in as a test user ): Observation-1: 1. Bought a dummy listing, noted down the order ID (say it is order-1) 2. Posted a feedback to the order as a buyer and as a seller 3. Bought the same listing again (call it order-2) 4. Accessed /orders/<ID of order-2>/feedback - The feedbacks posted for previous order were sent as response Is this an expected behavior ? Observation-2: Also seems as a seller I can see the details of feedback posted by buyer in the Order or feedback API response only after seller posts a feedback on the order - is this also an expected behavior ? Thanks, akng
  7. Hi, Is 3.0 the new API version or the version from which migration is happening ? ( Which is the previous version here 3.0 ?) Also hope there wont be any change in the API request and response format post Oct 28th ? Thanks for the help, akng