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  1. Hello mercadolibre Community, Anyone guy's tell me how to generate Access_Token using c# code dynamically. My Access_Token Expire every 2 to 3 hour. I again generate token with my application id in mercadolibre developer site . But I need to configure dynamically. So, no need to generate every time. Please guy's help me Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello Wesley Nascimento I got solution yesterday.I passed json object of particular class but api need Object instance so , I will configure class as a object. api gives acccurate result. Thank you for your replay.
  3. Hello mercadolibre Community, I posted one item in mercadolibre api .I got this error {"message": "body.invalid", "error": "A body is expected. (B)", "status": 400, "cause": [] }. My code is based on C #.( var responce = m.Post("/items", ps, body) ) My body passed through Rest Client (Extension of chrome) or postman provided accurate result but my c# code gave above error. Thank you in advance.Please help me.