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  1. My name is Bruno im developer of prestashop and im working building and integration with you api. I have some issues about validation task, every that i try add product i get some errors even when i field all data. can you check for me and give an feedbackp please (im trying in sandbox customer id 31313415320908410068)? Category id is required | Status: 10040 CATEGORY_ID_REQUIRED - SKU or MPID is required | Status: 10001 SKU_OR_MPID_REQUIRED - Description or specification required | Status: 10005 DESCRIPTION_OR_SPECIFICATION_REQUIRED - Country of origin is required | Status: 10049 COUNTRY_OF_ORIGIN_REQUIRED - Shipping from is required | Status: 10057 SHIPPING_FROM_REQUIRED - Quantity is required | Status: 10007 QUANTITY_REQUIRED - Shipping Cost is required | Status: 10017 SHIPPING_COST_REQUIRED - Invalid delivery time | Status: 10063 INVALID_ESTIMATED_DELIVERY_TIME - Weight unit is required | Status: 10018 WEIGHT_UNIT_REQUIRED - Weight is required | Status: 10058 WEIGHT_REQUIRED - Condition is required | Status: 10008 CONDITION_REQUIRED My data are allow: