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  1. Bom dia, o problema é que não identifico esse Carrier dentro dos atributos da categoria MLB1055.
  2. Erro: Erro ao tentar cadastrar anuncio Premium: Validation errorAttribute [IS_DUAL_SIM] to be modified - name [� Dual SIM] should be [É Dual SIM]Attribute [MODEL] to be modified - value_id [null] will be [5414260]Attribute [INTERNAL_MEMORY] to be modified - name [Mem�ria interna] should be [Memória interna]The attributes [CARRIER] are required for category MLB1055. Check the attribute is present in the attributes list or in all variation's attributes_combination or attributes.Attribute [RAM] to be modified - name [Mem�ria RAM] should be [Memória RAM]Attribute [Cor] to be modified - id [null] should be Attribute [BRAND] to be modified - value_id [null] will be [9344]