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  1. Boas, o problema foi com python requests e foi resolvido com o parametro "json". Assim: requests.post( URL, json={ 'price': myprice, blablabla } ) Com requests.post(), é preciso especificar o parametro como "json". Obrigado pela ajuda.
  2. I get the following error when attempting to re-list an item just like it says in the API documentation (by supplying price, quantity and listing type): {'status': 400, 'message': 'body.invalid', 'cause': [], 'error': 'A body is expected. (B)'} Now, my question is: When it says body, does it mean description or something else? In the case of the latter, what specifically does it mean by body? I did not find this error in the documentation. Edit: Source of request attempted: http://developers.mercadolibre.com/relist-your-items/ I simply supplied by own data for the fields involved as well as the item id.