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Found 2 results

  1. Hola, Estoy utilizando el SDK de ASP.NET en una aplicación Server-Side. (sdkVersion = "MELI-NET-SDK-1.0.2";) Utilizando mi ClientID y mi ClientSecret, obtengo el AccessCode. Cuando intento solicitar el Access Token, obtengo como "response", el código HTML de mi callBackURL en vez de obtener el JSON correspondiente. Alguno tuvo este problema? Tienen idea como solucionarlo? Desde ya, muchas gracias!
  2. Good Morning folks! I'm trying to build an app to integrate with an ERP (TOTVS - Protheus). I'm using an PHP webservice (REST) to do the authentication stpe, because the ERP's SDK can´t do that. So, I'm using the PHP SDK. I've read the documentation and can't find a solution to my problem. I'm trying to follow the Server Side flow, but I can't go further the step one. What I'm doing: Step 1: Obtain a code My PHP class receives the parameter to do this. I'm sending the User ID and the secret code. So I'm using the getAuthUrl() method to build the URL and Get method to request the Auth code. So, Mercado Livre returns the http status: 302 (Moved Temporarily). My location is Brazil, so the url is My app builds the parameters perfectly, just like the docs says. It's my first time working in a project with oAuth, so I'm lost with this issue.