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Found 4 results

  1. Ya leí todos los post, y no he encontrado aun la solucion, no puedo recuperar el valor ingresado en Codigo Universal del Producto que ingrese en la publicacion que cree manualmente cuando recupero las ordenes. Estoy recuperando las ordenes mediante Recibo el JSON perfectamente, pero los campos en los que supenia vendrian el SKU propio (Codigo Universal del Producto) viene en NULL. En la publicacion lo cree manualmente y antes y posteriormente de traer la orden chequee que los datos fueran correctos. Esta es la devolucion del Json Necesito recuperar el codigo ingresado para integrarlo en el sistema de facturacion y no se en donde me viene ese dato. Si alguien sabe o tuvo el mismo problema, les pido si me pueden ayudar para saber como recuperarlo. Muchas Gracias
  2. Olá pessoal, porque ao criar um anúncio o campo SKU não aparece ? não ví em lugar nenhum ninguém explicando isso, agradeceria quem pudesse me explicar. Grato!
  3. Hi, Where should I set SKU field using mercadolibre Publish Page, I cannot find that field in the page. Thank you.
  4. Hello, Someone can help me about some issues. 1 - I could register a product and vinculated with this product registering 2 "listing_type_id"?? For example the same ID 'MLB744499013' having one register with interest and another with free shipping. Or i need to do two posting about this?? It's possible to do with variations? 2 - I triyng to get a seller_custom_id with get method : "" and i get the respective json: { "id": "MLB744499013", "site_id": "MLB", "title": "Jogo De Ferramentas Oficina Master 5000r Robust 178 Peças", "subtitle": null, "seller_id": 168824861, "category_id": "MLB31532", "official_store_id": 699, "price": 1041.01, "base_price": 1041.01, "original_price": null, "currency_id": "BRL", "initial_quantity": 110, "available_quantity": 103, "sold_quantity": 7, "buying_mode": "buy_it_now", "listing_type_id": "gold_special", "start_time": "2016-02-25T14:23:51.000Z", "stop_time": "2036-02-20T14:23:51.000Z", "condition": "new", "permalink": "", "thumbnail": "", "secure_thumbnail": "", "pictures": [], "video_id": null, "descriptions": [], "accepts_mercadopago": true, "non_mercado_pago_payment_methods": [ ], "shipping": {}, "international_delivery_mode": "none", "seller_address": {}, "seller_contact": null, "location": { }, "geolocation": {}, "coverage_areas": [ ], "attributes": [ ], "warnings": [ ], "listing_source": "", "variations": [ ], "status": "active", "sub_status": [ ], "tags": [], "warranty": null, "catalog_product_id": null, "parent_item_id": null, "differential_pricing": null, "deal_ids": [ ], "automatic_relist": false, "date_created": "2016-02-25T14:23:52.000Z", "last_updated": "2016-05-17T03:40:28.000Z" } Why i cant get the "seller_custom_id" with my authorization token?? Thanks