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Found 3 results

  1. Olá pessoal, porque ao criar um anúncio o campo SKU não aparece ? não ví em lugar nenhum ninguém explicando isso, agradeceria quem pudesse me explicar. Grato!
  2. Hi, Where should I set SKU field using mercadolibre Publish Page, I cannot find that field in the page. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Someone can help me about some issues. 1 - I could register a product and vinculated with this product registering 2 "listing_type_id"?? For example the same ID 'MLB744499013' having one register with interest and another with free shipping. Or i need to do two posting about this?? It's possible to do with variations? 2 - I triyng to get a seller_custom_id with get method : "" and i get the respective json: { "id": "MLB744499013", "site_id": "MLB", "title": "Jogo De Ferramentas Oficina Master 5000r Robust 178 Peças", "subtitle": null, "seller_id": 168824861, "category_id": "MLB31532", "official_store_id": 699, "price": 1041.01, "base_price": 1041.01, "original_price": null, "currency_id": "BRL", "initial_quantity": 110, "available_quantity": 103, "sold_quantity": 7, "buying_mode": "buy_it_now", "listing_type_id": "gold_special", "start_time": "2016-02-25T14:23:51.000Z", "stop_time": "2036-02-20T14:23:51.000Z", "condition": "new", "permalink": "", "thumbnail": "", "secure_thumbnail": "", "pictures": [], "video_id": null, "descriptions": [], "accepts_mercadopago": true, "non_mercado_pago_payment_methods": [ ], "shipping": {}, "international_delivery_mode": "none", "seller_address": {}, "seller_contact": null, "location": { }, "geolocation": {}, "coverage_areas": [ ], "attributes": [ ], "warnings": [ ], "listing_source": "", "variations": [ ], "status": "active", "sub_status": [ ], "tags": [], "warranty": null, "catalog_product_id": null, "parent_item_id": null, "differential_pricing": null, "deal_ids": [ ], "automatic_relist": false, "date_created": "2016-02-25T14:23:52.000Z", "last_updated": "2016-05-17T03:40:28.000Z" } Why i cant get the "seller_custom_id" with my authorization token?? Thanks