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Variations and SKU's


Someone can help me about some issues. 
1 - 
I could register a product and vinculated with this product registering 2 "listing_type_id"??
For example the same ID 'MLB744499013' having one register with interest and another with free shipping. Or i need to do two posting about this??
It's possible to do with variations?

2 - 

I triyng to get a seller_custom_id with get method :


and i get the respective json:

"id": "MLB744499013",
"site_id": "MLB",
"title": "Jogo De Ferramentas Oficina Master 5000r Robust 178 Peças",
"subtitle": null,
"seller_id": 168824861,
"category_id": "MLB31532",
"official_store_id": 699,
"price": 1041.01,
"base_price": 1041.01,
"original_price": null,
"currency_id": "BRL",
"initial_quantity": 110,
"available_quantity": 103,
"sold_quantity": 7,
"buying_mode": "buy_it_now",
"listing_type_id": "gold_special",
"start_time": "2016-02-25T14:23:51.000Z",
"stop_time": "2036-02-20T14:23:51.000Z",
"condition": "new",
"permalink": "http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-744499013-jogo-de-ferramentas-oficina-master-5000r-robust-178-pecas-_JM",
"thumbnail": "http://mlb-s2-p.mlstatic.com/632811-MLB20627596836_032016-I.jpg",
"secure_thumbnail": "https://mlb-s2-p.mlstatic.com/632811-MLB20627596836_032016-I.jpg",
"pictures": [],
"video_id": null,
"descriptions": [],
"accepts_mercadopago": true,
"non_mercado_pago_payment_methods": [
"shipping": {},
"international_delivery_mode": "none",
"seller_address": {},
"seller_contact": null,
"location": {
"geolocation": {},
"coverage_areas": [
"attributes": [
"warnings": [
"listing_source": "",
"variations": [
"status": "active",
"sub_status": [
"tags": [],
"warranty": null,
"catalog_product_id": null,
"parent_item_id": null,
"differential_pricing": null,
"deal_ids": [
"automatic_relist": false,
"date_created": "2016-02-25T14:23:52.000Z",
"last_updated": "2016-05-17T03:40:28.000Z"


Why i cant get the "seller_custom_id" with my authorization token??

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