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Order Notification when reply is posted to a feedback


Hi All,


Wondering if MeLi sends any notification when a buyer/seller replies to the Feedback on an order ? If anyone knows please share the information.


MeLi developer documentation mentions only following cases: The buyer rates you as a seller or you send feedback to the buyer. A feed is received on the order.


Thanks for the help!,


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This was posted in old forum, in PHP:


echo 'inicio<br>';
$retorno = file_get_contents('php://input');
//$dados = explode('","', $retorno);
//$parte = explode('/', $dados[1]);
echo '<br><br>---------retorno inicio--------<br>';
echo '<br>---------retorno final--------<br><br>';
$r = json_decode($retorno);
echo '<br>---------retorno json inicio--------<br>';
$cv = explode('/', $r->resource);
echo '<br>---------retorno json final--------<br>';

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