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how to retrieve more than 200 items per request


Hi I want to get all items in the books and magazines catagories from Argentina's site. I'm able to get a response but i only get (because of pagination) 200 items maximum.

Is it possible to get all the items?(in this case there are 4 millions items, i know it's a lot.)

Here´s my code:



require '../meliapp/Meli/meli.php';

$meli=new Meli(xxxxxxxxxx , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx);


if (isset($_GET['code']) ):

          $oAuth = $meli->authorize($_GET['code'], 'http://localhost/meliapp/index.php');
          if($oAuth['body']!==NULL || !empty($oAuth['body'])){
                $_SESSION['access_token'] = $oAuth['body']->access_token;
                $_SESSION['token_type'] = $oAuth['body']->token_type;
                $_SESSION['expires_in'] = $oAuth['body']->expires_in;
                $_SESSION['scope'] = $oAuth['body']->scope;
                $_SESSION['user_id'] = $oAuth['body']->user_id;
                $_SESSION['refresh_token'] = $oAuth['body']->refresh_token;

if(empty($_SESSION['access_token']) || !isset($_GET['code'])):

          echo "LOGIN NOW:<BR>";
          echo '<a href="' . $meli->getAuthUrl('http://localhost/hgin/meliapp/index.php', Meli::$AUTH_URL['MLA']) . '">Login using MercadoLibre oAuth 2.0</a>';


$params = array('category' => 'MLA3025', 'limit'=> '200'); 

$items = $meli->get('/sites/MLA/search', $params);


The variable $items only holds 200 items. But i know from inspecting $items['body']->paging->total that there are 4 million items.

Is there a way to get all 4 million items at once? or at least more than 200 items maximum per request.


Thanks in advance!!!







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i already tried using offset, i have read the documentation. The question is weather its possible to retrieve more than 200 items per request. I guess that's the limit to not overwhlem the server or whatever. I benchmarked it and it takes around 3 seconds to retrieve 200 items, so it would require close to 17 hours to retrieve the 4 millons items  in the books and magazines category. My question was how do i do to request more items faster, but i'm thinkig there isn´t really a way since the amount of data is huge.

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