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updating a product and no changes inmediately



I'm trying to update a local_pick_up field and initially works, but now is not working any more. Do you know If only I can update once for day? or What I'm doing wrong?

It is important to say I'm getting a 200 sucess code



He intentado actualizar el campo de local_pick_up e iniciallmente cambio una sola vez, despues he seguido haciendo otras pruebas y dejo de funcionar. Saben si solo se puede actualizar una vez al dia o algo similar?. O en que estoy errando?


this is my code:

$body = array('price' =>'202','available_quantity'=>'2','shipping'=>array('mode'=>'me2','local_pick_up'=>'false','free_shipping'=>'0'));

    $response = $meli->put('/items/MLM549399XXX', $body, $params);
    echo "<br>";
    echo "<br>";
    echo "<pre>";
    echo "</pre>";


this is what I get:



stdClass Object
    [mode] => me2
    [local_pick_up] => 1
    [free_shipping] => 1
    [free_methods] => Array
            [0] => stdClass Object
                    [id] => 501245
                    [rule] => stdClass Object
                            [free_mode] => country
                            [value] => 



    [dimensions] => 
    [tags] => Array

    [logistic_type] => drop_off
    [store_pick_up] => 


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