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MercadoEnvíos improvements for the Free Shipping option


We’ve made some improvements on the API and the JSON structure of the items adding the possibilities to set ‘Rules’ for the free_shipping option. By now, the only free shipping option available is ‘country’. From June 30th on, Brazilian sellers with ME will be able to exclude the North and North East regions if they want to when they include free_shipping on their items.


Even thought the benefit it's just for Brazilian users, we'll be making changes on the API and the JSON format of the items on every country with MercadoEnvíos.

We'll give you two months to adapt yourself to these changes.


Please, check this entry to know more about it.

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Guest Prenzier
Hi Rodrigo, 


at this time, we will only have this two options





we don't have another regions separated by states



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