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Cadastro de Itens - Erro no cadastro de item - POST


Boa tarde estou tentando criar um novo item através do REST CONSOLE e estou recendo a mensagem abaixo, minha aplicação esta habilitada para leitura, escrita e dados offiline, por favor vocês poderiam me auxiliar.




  1. {
  2. "message": "Unauthorized scopes",
  3. "error": "unauthorized_scopes",
  4. "status": 401,
  5. "cause": []
  6. }


O Body da mo Json segue abaixo



  "title":"TONY SEIXAS",
  "subtitle":"TONY SEIXAS",
  "description": "Item:, <strong> Ray-Ban WAYFARER Gloss Black RB2140 901 </strong> Model: RB2140. Size: 50mm. Name:    WAYFARER. Color: Gloss Black. Includes Ray-Ban Carrying Case and Cleaning Cloth. New in Box",
  "video_id": "YOUTUBE_ID_HERE",
  "warranty": "12 months by Ray Ban",

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Ola Alexandre I will explain it on english because my Portuguese is very bad 


You are using the "GET TOKEN FOR TEST BUTTON" and the token is only for scope read, try to create your own token with write scope in order to post an item.

For doing that you must create an app on applications.mercadolibre.com and for getting a fast token go to getting started http://developers.me...first-step/ and"Give it a try with your App!"




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