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No access token returned


Hello, using the following code:


MELI.init({client_id: appId});
    MELI.login(function() {
	    function(data) { alert("Hello "+data[2].first_name) }

I only get "Hello undefined".

I say no access token is returned beause I also tried the list example, however token value was null.

Is there something I'm missing?
Tried on:
Firefox, chrome, safari. Osx Mountain lion.


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Hello, I just tried the php sample (on github). Login doesn't return any token either, this time I tried with firefox + IE on windows 8 machine.

Would anybody mind explaining if I'm missing some steps?

a) code is from: https://github.com/mercadolibre/php-sdk/blob/master/examples/example_login.php

B) app_id + secret changed in this line

$meli = new Meli('APP_ID', 'SECRET_KEY', $_SESSION['access_token'], $_SESSION['refresh_token']);

tried with and without $_session (acess token and refresh).
c) redirected url to server.

The array only returns:


Array(    [access_token] =>     [expires_in] => 1408891878    [refresh_token] => )

What a I missing?




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I don´t understand why have post with acccess_token


$meli = new Meli('APP_ID', 'SECRET_KEY', $_SESSION['access_token'], $_SESSION['refresh_token']);


in this moment you don´t have a valid access_token, so must be:

$token = $meli->refreshAccessToken();
in authorize you can to use a script with infos that have in your Meli Application and "GET Code", this url can generate the code:
with the code in your hands you can generate the access token using url:


--note that the MercadoLivre error in using the variable name client_id, should be app_id



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