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Listing types always "gold_special"


Since 03/12/2016 i've been having troubles listing items using the API, it doesnt matter which listing type I choose all my publications are set to "gold_special" the only one that works properly is "free".


I posted this: 




Desde el 12/03/2016 he estado teniendo problemas publicando artículos a traves del API de mercadolibre, sin importar que tipo de publicación seleccione, todas se publican como "gold_special" la unica que funciona correctamente es la de "free".


hice un post con los siguientes datos:

   "title":"product test 4",
   "description":"testing description",

using the rest console, and the response was that item listed as "gold_special", someone knows whats going on here ?


utilizando el rest console, la respuesta fue ese articulo listado como "gold_special", alguien tiene idea de lo que ocurre ?

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Hello there guys! actually rodrigojob is right, but it is not as simple as he thinks, the link he posted just mentions Argentina, Mexico and Chile, and i'm developing an app for Venezuela, i already tried what Leandro Bertalot said, however the api is returning me the old listing types, but when i went to Mercadolibre.com.ve and tried to list a new publication those listing types are gone. i guess they just need to update the API.


@rodrigojob, please try to be a little bit more gentile in your next answer, i actually read a lot before asking here, and as i already said, it wasn't as simple as "basic" as you said. 

https://api.mercadolibre.com/sites/MLV/listing_typesdoes actually returns bronze and silver and all the old listing types.


I'll be waiting for your apology.

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Hi StormRage!


the query returns all listing types enable on your country, obviously the older types will appear in the API query because there are still active items in the old listing types.


if your country had migrated the type of listing, to create new item (or relist an exiting) the MercadoLivre only accpet the new listing type.


best regards!

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